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Have you heard? Milk's got new friends!

And they're here to make the act of drinking a glass of milk and getting a milk mustache an even more joyful experience. The new friends include the ever classic animal crackers, delectable granola bars, delicious butter cookies, crunchy cereals, mouth watering sandwich cream cookies, adorable teddy cookies, scrumptious wafer bars and crispy wafer rolls . Their unique flavors and textures make snack time the most delectable moment of the day, anytime!

Want to know where these new friends came from? It's actually a fun story. In 1993, fluid milk processors in California agreed to allocate 3-cents of each gallon sold to fund efforts to promote the consumption of milk through marketing, advertising, promotion and public relations. This led to the birth of the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB). The board is comprised of 13 processors in the state who represent a cross-section of the milk industry.

The CPMB controls the beloved "got milk?" and now the "got milk snacks?" brand, which is also licensed to national dairy boards for their use in their marketing efforts as well as to a number of manufacturers who create "got milk?" and "got milk snacks?" merchandise.

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