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Chocolate Wafer Spirals

This chocolate concoction is made of spiraling layers of thin, crispy cookies filled with chocolate creme. Creme filled wafers are a delectable crispy & rich combination for any chocolate lover. A modern twist on a traditional snack, Wafer Spirals offer crispy layers and scrumptious filling that come with zero trans fat and cholesterol. We use enriched flour along with natural flavors to create a great tasting, rich treat.



What makes me delicious

The plain old flour, some sugary sweetness, a dash of vegetable oil, milk, corn starch and teensy bit of salt decided to have a fun chocolate creme party. It was sweet!

Snacks on the go

At home or on the go, our Cookies & Cream Wafer Spirals are a delicious, 14-ounce snack. Perfect for your next hike, drive, or lunch break.  

6 Pack

Each tin is 4” diameter x 7”H. These crisp and light wafers are perfectly toasted.  

Wafer Spirals

Delicious wafer sticks are perfect to eat on their own as a tasty treat or use them to dip in milk, coffee, tea or ice cream for an elegant touch of added enjoyment.

Simple Ingredients

Wafer Spiral cookies contain 0 percent cholesterol and trans-fat. These delicious treats use enriched flour along with natural flavors to create a great tasting snack.


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